Juneberry Square News



Hundreds of colorful booths consumed the expansive exhibit hall of San Antonio’s Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center on April 19-21, 2017. The final hour of preparation was closing in on the 5:30 opening of the annual TEXAS LIBRARY ASSOCIATION conference where throngs of eager librarians and school teachers from across the Lone Star state and well beyond had formed lengthy lines at the doors. A flurry of activity by exhibitors created an electric buzz across the great hall as they rechecked hanging backdrops, table skirting, furniture angles, brochure spreads, book displays, and stocks of countless give-a-ways that would draw the attention of thousands of attendees.


The Library Store’s booth was brightly brandished with a backdrop of colorful Juneberry Square, a thrilling display introducing Booker T. Bear’s hometown and the learning adventure children’s series “Let’s GO!”  Booker T. Bear himself sat proudly in neon orange at strategic locations where he and I were warmly greeted by a host of participants, many who joined us at the author signing lanes on Saturday, April 20.


The 2017 TLA conference was a JOY- and excitement-filled debut of the series, featuring book one: The Adventures Begin. Also on hand for viewing was book two, A Hap-hap-y Day, book three, Creature Features, and book four, Weird Word Day.

WINNER’S of Booker T. Bear book sets was another highlight of the three-day extravaganza—pictured below.

THANK YOU TEXAS LIBRARY ASSOCIATION for a memorable adventure!

—Jen Jellyfish, M.M., author

Booker and Jen’s next stop: AMERICAN LIBRARY ASSOCIATION conference in Chicago, June 23-25! Hope to see ya there!

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