Secrets of the Series – Part 1: The Bear

For countless years, ageless Booker T. Bear—a bright orange plush—has dutifully big_bookerand quietly served as mascot for The Library Store’s customer service rewards program. And he’s graced a number of colorful reading motivation posters hanging in school libraries, classrooms, and public libraries. Now . . . he’s also a world traveling adventurist!

In October 2015, I was thrilled to be invited to serve as author of the learning adventure books that would star Booker T. Bear. WHEEE! What an astounding day! Without thought or hesitation, I instantaneously said, “Yes! Yes! Yes!” and my own personal adventure into Booker’s unfolding world began to blossom in my mind.

Booker T. Bear Plush Available

At that time, I was writing and book editing under my real name, Jen-Booker.pngJen Miller. But that would soon change as well, to Jen Jellyfish, M.M. What does the “M.M.” stand for? You’re invited to continue with me “behind the books” as I share week by week more Secrets of Juneberry Square.

“Words CRUNCH!”



PART TWO: The Buddy


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