Mayor Malarkey of Juneberry Square, guest star in Book 4, Weird Word Day

There are SIX unique real-life animals illustrated as guest stars in Weird Word Day—book four in the Booker T. Bear learning adventures series, “Let’s GO!” One of those six characterizes the mayor of  Juneberry Square: Mayor Aundiam Malarkey.

She’s not just any ole’ bird! Mayor Malarkey, illustrated by Traci Van Wagoner & Kurt Keller, was fashioned after a real-life Western Meadowlark. She “can brighten anyone’s day,” says All About Birds.


Aundiam Malarkey is not only fashioned after a real-life bird, her character’s personality is fashioned after a real-life person: Aundi Woolard of Rockwall, TX, owner of The Chick-Inn in real life, and Jen Jellyfish’s sister.

The Chick-Inn appears in illustration in every Booker T. Bear Book.



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