Virgillya Primproperly, guest in Book 4, Weird Word Day

Mrs. Primproperly is a school teacher, and spends her free time as professional weird word speaker. During the summer and on weekends through the school year, Virgillya Primproperly—who is very prim and proper— is often found contending in weird word contests around the globe. Weird word competing is how Mrs. Primproperly ended up at Juneberry Square’s annual Weird Word Day, believing she would be named the Weird Word Winner. Will she? Find out in Weird Word Day, illustrated by Traci Van Wagoner & Kurt Keller. 



In real life, this cat from Central Asia is named Pallas’ cat, after German zoologist Peter Pallas (1741-1811). Read “10 Fun Facts” about Pallas’ cat.

Learn more about Virgillya Primproperly, and the weird word she chose to present at Juneberry Square’s Weird Word Contest, in the book Weird Word Day, available from the Booker T. Bear series’ presenter: The Library Store.

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