Weird Word of the Week – June 19, 2017


: to taste and savor


While Dahlya likes to “degust” looong, juicy, weird words, Booker prefers to “degust” Dahlya’s Juneberry Swirl Punch, made fresh in her diner every day, and Grandmop and Grandpop’s Bee-Nutty Snacks made fresh in each day in their Bee-Nutty Shop–both located in the heart of Juneberry Square.

YOU can make and DEGUST Juneberry Swirl Punch from the recipe found in book 2, A Hap-hap-py Day, and all seven Bee-Nutty Snack varieties found in book 4, Weird Word Day!

BEE-NUTTY SNACKS are NO-BAKE, easy-to-make treats, packed with POWER PROTEIN to fuel your daily adventures! Can you name the seven varieties?? There’s even an ALLERGY-FREE Bee-Nutty Snack!



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