Your AWESOME CHILDREN have been Booker’d, Jo Ann Magarity Watkins

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At the onset of writing book one in the Booker T. Bear learning adventure series, “Let’s GO!” I did research to learn all the various types of berries. I wanted to find a berry that was uncommon but tasty. To my surprise and delight, I found the “juneberry” among a long list of interesting berries, and learned that juneberries are native to western Minnesota prairies; there are juneberry farms in upper Midwestern states. But what thrilled me most was the name “juneberry,” because my mom and my daughter both carry the name June. Instantly, I knew Booker’s hometown would be named “Juneberry Square” as a personal tribute to my mom and daughter.

As I dug deeper into researching juneberries, I was delighted to discover that juneberry trees bear my favorite color spring blossoms: downy snow white!


A juneberry, I learned, is also known as a Saskatoon serviceberry (A. alnifolia), Juneberriesand when
ripe it reminds me of a blueberry. Don’t you think so?

Read more about Juneberries—and learn how to make Dahlya’s famous Juneberry Swirl Punch in Book 2,
A Hap-hap-py Day.

There’s many more Secrets behind the series. Stay tuned . . . .


Jen Jellyfish, M.M.

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