Weird Word of the Week – November 20, 2017

boondoggle : waste time looking busy

Magpie, Booker’s dog, will boondoggle with her red chew shoe, but Booker and Dahlya rarely boondoggle. Get the series–and the free orange plush bear–and join the ADVENTURES in Juneberry Square!

GREAT CHRISTMAS GIFT!! FREE Booker T. Bear PLUSH + Signed books when yo purchase the . . .Bundle

4-book “Let’s GO!” Booker T. Bear book series!

CALL 800.548.7204 and choose either:

Item #04-50911 for softback books
Item #04-50910 for hardback books

Or order online, choosing from the two book sets at The Library Store.

— whimsical rhyming story lines

— wild adventures to real-life foreign



— winsome illustrations

— world geography

— Weird Word Stew

— wonderful kid-friendly recipes

Book series by Jen Jellyfish, M.M., illustrated by Kurt Keller & Traci Van Wagoner, presented by The Library Store.

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