Weird Word of the Week – December 1, 2017

Tintinnabulation : the ringing or sounding of bells!

GREAT CHRISTMAS GIFTS from Juneberry Square with Booker T. Bear .  . . 
FREE 10″ or 6″ BEAR plus BOOK SIGNING by Jen Jellyfish, M.M. . . . 


when you purchase the 4-book “Let’s GO!” Booker T. Bear book series!

CALL 800.548.7204 and choose either:

Item #04-50911 for softback books
Item #04-50910 for hardback books

Or order online, choosing from the two book sets at The Library Store.

— whimsical rhyming story lines

— wild adventures to real-life foreign



— winsome illustrations

— world geography

— Weird Word Stew

— wonderful kid-friendly recipes

Book series by Jen Jellyfish, M.M., illustrated by Kurt Keller & Traci Van Wagoner, presented by The Library Store.

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