The Books, The Plush Bear, and More!

Booker T. Bear “Let’s GO!” series enriches the lives of children and strengthens family and classroom time! 

FREE BOOKER T. BEAR PLUSH TOY plus BOOK SIGNING BY AUTHOR . . . with purchase of the 4-book Bundle“Let’s GO!” book series featuring Booker T. Bear and Dahlya Dragonfly!

CALL 800.548.7204 and choose either:

Item #04-50911 for softback books
Item #04-50910 for hardback books

Or order online, choosing from the two book sets at The Library Store.

Gift the Booker series and accessories to a child in your family, among your friends and co-workers, to school and church libraries, childcare centers, children’s hospitals, orphanages, domestic and foreign missions—any organization whose mission is to encourage literacy through fun learning adventures. 

book1-cover       book2-cover       book3       book4-cover

Get Hardback copies            Get Paperback copies
(signing option available during ordering process)

Also available:

AD04-50904_popup front_book_bag  bookmark_grouptshirt


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