BOOKER T. BEAR learning adventure book series, “Let’s GO!” is available through The Library Store. Perfect for K-4th grade! Super learning adventure tools for the classroom!

Join the fun in JUNEBERRY SQUARE!

“Writing the whimsically educational ‘Let’s GO!’ series, chronicling the global adventures of Booker T. Bear and his best friend, Dahlya Dragonfly, is sheer joy for me! The vibrant illustrations, by Kurt Keller and Traci Van Wagoner of Imagine That! Design, have breathed colorful life into the magic of each book. Thank you to The Library Store for this wildly adventurous opportunity!”  — Jen Jellyfish, M.M.

Secrets of Juneberry Square 
shares the many intriguing backstories that developed the writing and illustrating of each Booker T. Bear book. These secrets helped to create the fictitious town of Juneberry Square, its stars, guest stars, citizen creatures, and the adventures of Booker T. Bear and his best friend, Dahlya Dragonfly—an oddly perfect pair.

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