Released February 2017 is the vibrantly illustrated, whimsical prosed, learning adventure children’s book series, “Let’s GO!” Presented by The Library Store, authored by Jen Jellyfish, M.M. and illustrated by Kurt Keller and Traci Van Wagoner.

Adventures at home in Juneberry Square prompt Booker T. bear and Dahlya Dragonfly to jet to real-life destinations around the globe. All senses are ignited as Booker, Dahlya, and readers explore and experience the sights, sounds, smells, tastes, and textures of foreign places and cultures. Along the way, Booker’s backpack bulges with all the things an adventurer needs: Bee-Nutty Snacks, ‘Magination Maker camera, Let’s GO! Travel Guide, Booker’s travel journal, and more . . . .


book1-coverBook 1, The Adventures Begin, lays the foundation for Juneberry Square, introducing the main characters: Booker T. Bear and Dahlya Dragonfly; and secondary characters: Grandmop and Grandpop Bear, Magpie (Booker’s Puli dog), Uncle Ben Bear, the ancient ‘Magination Maker Bear, and a SURPRISE guest character. Book one also establishes key elements that makes Juneberry Square “home” to readers of all ages.

At the Bear Family den, just off the beautifully enchanting town square, is Booker’s
shiny blue globe. It’s flagged by bright STICKIES, stuck on every destination he’s determined to go. Booker’s Jet-away jacket, fueled by imagination and the ancient, magic verse,  transports Booker and Dahlya wherever they wish to go.

While Booker loves to eat sweets, especially his Grandmop and Grandpop’s Bee-Nutty Snacks from their Bee-Nutty Shop in the heart of Juneberry Square, Dahlya Dragonfly loves snacks of a very strange kind: big, looong, juicy WORDS that she serves to Booker and readers throughout every adventure, and from her diner in Juneberry Square. There, she also serves the most scrumptious Weird Word Stew and easy-to-make kid-friendly recipes.

Book 2: Experience the transformation of a boring day into
A Hap-hap-py Day!

Book 3: Celebrate Dahlya’s birthday in the unique style of Creature Features!

Book 4: Join the fun and philanthropy of Juneberry Square’s annual Weird Word Day!


Available in hardback, paperback, singles, and set.

Also available:

  • Booker plush in two sizes
  • Booker Travel Journal
  • Booker backpack
  • Booker T-shirt
  • Booker bookmarks

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