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The Adventures Begin, by Jen Jellyfish, is an early reader book that works to accomplish much, mixing rhyming verse, lessons on vocabulary and geography, and even a recipe. Booker’s story is told in catchy rhyming verse. As the first in a series, . . . The Adventures Begin introduces early readers to a set of playful characters and an abundance of educational extras. Booker T. Bear is a fun protagonist, and young children will be intrigued to learn where his adventures take him next.” – Amanda McCorquodale, Clairon Book Review


“My students love the Booker T Bear books that I won at the TLA conference. Thank you so much.” —Juhree Cope, Monterrey Elementary (NM)

“I enjoy getting your Weird Word of the Week posts!  I’m continually impressed by all the richness and depth of all that’s attached to the ‘Let’s GO!’ series!” —Donna Peterson, Grant Writer, Researcher, and Line Editor (IA)

“What a whopping ‘package’ you get with these books! They’re fun, educational, and ‘feed’ young minds (and bodies!) with a delightful assortment of adventures, new ‘crunchy and delicious’ words, and all kinds of interesting facts. Children travel and learn with lovable characters about different parts of the world, meet interesting animals, and have the chance to try out all kinds of yummy recipes!  There’s even a bit of music in one book, a catchy tune at that! My daughter is absolutely in love with Dahyla the Dragonfly, Booker T. Bear’s ‘BFF’. There’s a lot packed into these colorful books, something for everyone!” —Cindy Farrell, Teacher (MN)

“The Adventures Begin is the first book in a series about Booker T. Bear. With adorable full-color illustrations and an introduction to Booker’s family and home, this first book takes the reader into Booker’s world to solve a mystery and go on the first of many adventures that Booker will have. Dahlia the dragonfly ups kids’ vocabulary with a variety of juicy words. Written in rhyme that will delight the youngest listeners, this read-aloud is a taste of what the next books will be like. The end of the book includes a glossary, a recipe, and, my favorite, a non-fiction section for extended learning. If you have young kids in your life, I highly recommend this book!” —Margaret Shafer, 2nd Grade Teacher (IL)

Ten-year-old Michelle wrote: “Whether you are an adventurous kid, a class com-e-di-an, or an eager student, these books are great educational, humorous books for children. Jam-packed with great words and phrases to help build up a better vocabulary. There is also a lot of geography and historical info. I love the theme and plot lines. I have enjoyed reading the two first books in the series, and I already know that I will enjoy reading reading the rest of the series, despite the fact that I am ten years old. But that doesn’t matter because these books are great for anyone. I am super excited for the Dahyla Dragonfly dolls to come out because I think Dahlya’s wonderful vocabulary is fun and funny. I think Jen Jellyfish has created a wonderful world of Booker T. Bear.”
— Michelle Seahorse, M.F. (MN)

“BOOKER is AWESOME!! These are GREAT children’s books! This author, J. Jellyfish, has done such a fabulous job, mixing an intriguing youngster’s story with geography and vocabulary, that a child could learn at every turn of a page. And the art! It couldn’t be better!! We’re pre-ordering Booker’s adventures for our grandkids! —Vic & Carol M., grandparents of four (AR)

“I LOVE the Booker T. Bear books! A fun-loving bear and his best friend (a dragonfly) travel to far-off lands, meeting new, interesting friends, learning HUGE new words, all beautifully illustrated. What’s not to like!”
—Aundi Woolard, mom of three (TX)

“Booker books are so fun to read, and learn about far away places. The author draws the reader in, making it a fun experience. These books are my own personal favorites in children’s books, and I can hardly wait for the next ones to be released!” —Sharon Key, mom of two (IL)

“Booker T. Bear book series will hold your child spellbound and asking for the next ‘adventure’ to be read out loud. A definite learning tool that makes learning a joy. Reading time filled with fun, new words, joyful characters—real and imagined—from the ‘Magination Maker herself, Jen Jellyfish, M.M.” —C.J. Moore, mother of five, grandmother of fifteen, great-grandmother of five (AR)

“I loved The Adventures Begin and I can’t wait to get all the books in this series for my granddaughter. The thought of a Jet-away  jacket is amazing! I’m sure children everywhere  will be putting on coats and imaging going to places just like Booker.” —Kathie Jaynes (IL)

“I was lucky to meet Booker T. Bear when he was a twinkle in Jen Jellyfish’s eye.  He makes me smile every time I see his sweet face.  The creativity Jen has put into her boy to bring his adventures to life has been a delight to read.  These books are enjoyable reads for all ages. Small children will enjoy the antics from the characters along with the amazing illustrations. Older children will see parts of the world brought to life and learn vocabulary words they may not be exposed to.  Adults will want to read these to the children again and again as there is too much to take in the first few reads.  The recipes add to the books and offers another activity parents can do with their children.  They’re beautiful books that will add to anyone’s book collection.” — Rhonda Mooberry (IL)

Absolutely love them! I can’t wait to give them to our granddaughter, and I know her mom will borrow them to read to her first grade class! Nice to find a series of books that will hold a child’s interest by entertaining and informative stories with delightful illustrations and characters. Looking forward to the next adventures. Virginia Miller (AR)  

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